"Hilario Duran & David Virelles: Front Street Duets" at #46 on top albums of 2022
January 15, 2023

We wanted to thank Geoffrey Himes for putting "Hilario Duran & David Virelles: Front Street Duets" at #46 on his prestigious list of the top albums of 2022 across all genres. It's an incredible honor to be recognized alongside such remarkable artists.

Geoffrey, we appreciate your support and appreciation. We are truly grateful of your excellent taste and for featuring our record in your esteemed lineup. We are motivated by this recognition to keep setting new standards and making music that connects with people.
Alma Records inks Dolby Atmos download deal with Immersive Audio Album (IAA)
December 8, 2022

We are very excited to announce the collaboration between Immersive Audio Album (IAA) and Alma Records, which will formally kick off on December 9 with the worldwide release of Monkey House’s latest gem, “Remember The Audio” on IAA’s exclusive Immersive Audio download platform. The album will be available for download in Dolby Atmos via MKV files. With lossless Dolby TrueHD sound, the detail and clarity is stunning.

Immersive audio is a three-dimensional approach to sonic storytelling. While traditional surround sound exists on a two-dimensional plane, immersive audio plays from multiple speakers placed at varying heights around the listener. The resulting high-fidelity, multidimensional soundscape takes the listening experience to new heights.

Alma is committed to remixing much of their back catalog in Atmos, with many more albums from artists such as Hilario Durán, Ian Thomas, The Florian Hoefner Trio, One Take Series (featuring artists like Joey DeFrancesco, Terri Lyne Carrington, Don Thompson and more), and supergroup Cinque with Steve Gadd, already scheduled for release in the coming months.

All new Alma productions from 2021 forward have also been mixed in Dolby Atmos and will be available for download on IAA alongside all other worldwide traditional digital hi res and physical partners.

From producer and label head Peter Cardinali, “as a “music first” label, we are so thrilled to be making our Dolby Atmos releases available for download with a forward thinking company like IAA, a company that shares the same values and embraces the same philosophy regarding music production, sound and technology as we do.”

Grammy Award winning engineer John “Beetle” Bailey says “very excited to have the lossless hi res versions of our Immersive Audio mixes available for download! It’s so great to bring music fans the same quality that we hear in the studio to their living rooms, and move beyond the limitations of physical media.”

From IAA: “Monkey House’s Remember The Audio was among our favorite Dolby Atmos music releases of 2022, so we couldn’t have been more excited when the opportunity to partner with Alma and release a high-resolution immersive download presented itself. We're committed to propelling this format forward on behalf of all audiophiles and immersive music fans.”

For more information contact:
Front Street Duets available NOW everywhere music is sold, streamed, downloaded
October 15, 2022

"Front Street Duets" by Hilario Duran and David Virelles is available on CD, download, streaming, Hi Res, and Dolby Atmos immersive audio at your favourite stores worldwide: - CD and up to 4 hi res digital download resolutions (16-44 FLAC, 24-96 FLAC, 24-192 FLAC, and 320k-HiQuality mp3). Free digital booklet with every album download. - streaming, physical, digital downloads, Dolby Atmos immersive audio on all platforms
**NEW RELEASE** Hilario Duran / David Virelles "Front Street Duets"
October 14, 2022

"Front Street Duets" by Hilario David and David Virelles is OUT TODAY on every physical and digital platform and all stores, including Hi Res shops, and Immersive Dolby Digital outlets like Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal.
July 1, 2022

Pre order the new Monkey House album "Remember The Audio" by July 14 and get a FREE bonus track.
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