Eliana Cuevas with the Angel Falls Orchestra
Eliana Cuevas with the Angel Falls Orchestra
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Eliana Cuevas feat. Angel Falls Orchestra

Seré Libre

Seré Libre, the new album from acclaimed Venezuelan-Canadian artist Eliana Cuevas (set for release on ALMA Records on May 12, 2023) is a stunning production with the Angel Falls Orchestra, named after the world’s tallest waterfall, located in Auyán-tepui, Canaima National Park, Venezuela. “I created this 27- piece orchestra, as it was the one missing piece to realize my dream of fusing the incredibly rich traditions of Venezuelan folk rhythms and classical music.”

The album explores loss, the deaths of Cuevas’ father and grandfather, her mission to continue the centuries old folk music traditions they taught her, and dreams for a better future in Venezuela. Cuevas’ homeland is a nation that is home to some of the richest folk music in the Americas, but has tragically also seen devastating poverty, hunger and political crises in recent decades.

The cornerstone song of Seré Libre is the title track. Translated as “I shall be free,” it is a nine-minute epic journey that showcases the musical reach of the orchestra and Eliana’s passionate performance. “That is a song I always dedicate to Venezuela,” says Cuevas, alluding to the troubled state of her homeland, “but it can be interpreted as being about finding freedom from whatever is holding you back.”

The first single from Seré Libre is “Como Llora Una Estrella,” a much-loved traditional Venezuelan number that a young Eliana used to play with her grandfather. “Although my grandfather passed away, when I am performing this song, it has a way of bringing him back to life, connecting me with his soul wherever he is”. Eliana recorded it with legendary Venezuelan guitarist Aquiles Báez on their 2020 release El Curruchá, and it is now given vivid new life by the Angel Falls Orchestra.

“We also wanted to make a point of choosing songs that accentuate Afro-Venezuelan rhythms,” explains award winning arranger, producer, conductor Jeremy Ledbetter, “To combine those with the European classical format has allowed Eliana to share with the world the cultural richness of her country.”

The audio recording took place seamlessly at The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. The recording was captured on film by noted director/cinematographer Thom Varey. The album launch of Seré Libre will feature the worldwide premiere of this film at the Yorkdale Cineplex UltraAVX theatre in Toronto on May 11, and will also be live streamed. The album is being released on CD, LP, and all digital platforms, including Dolby Atmos/Immersive Audio, and the audio soundtrack on the film that will play in the theatre is also presented in Dolby Atmos for a truly theatrical experience.

Seré Libre is the seventh entry in Eliana Cuevas’s eclectic discography, one that has brought her wins at the National Jazz Awards, the Toronto Independent Music Awards, and the Independent Music Awards in the US. Her boldest artistic statement to date, it will reward your close attention.
Seré Libre
Seré Libre
Released: May 12, 2023
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Como Llora una Estrella